LMD 2021 Beta 1 available for VCL Complete 2020 users!

LMD VCL 2021 Beta 1 installers are available now in LMD VCL Complete 2020 customer download areas. This beta release includes NG Controls. We are very interested on feedback regarding this release, because it is a major update with huge changes (caused by modernization and refactoring of large part of the codebase).

Major changes are:

  • Integration of LMD VCL / NG Installers (no separate installers anymore)
  • Codebase reworked to support only Delphi/C++Builder XE2 and better (thus all non-unicode and…

ANN: Removal of downloads for old versions (before LMD 2012)

We will remove licenses and registered downloads for old LMD releases before 2013 (e.g. LMD-Tools 7 or 2011). If you are using such old licenses (or if you want to backup your license and installers), please visit your customer portal till 2021-02-28 and download all required files.

After 2021-03-01 only licenses and downloads for LMD/NG 2013 and later will be available in LMD customer portal.

If any questions are left, please send eMail to sales@lmd.de.

ANN: LMD 2020.8 installer available!

New LMD 2020.8 installer are available now in customer download areas.

Review changes of this release on history page. This service release contains several enhancements (LMD DockingPack, LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack, ShellPack and RichPack) requested by customers and bugfixes.

General changes of the LMD 2020 platform release can be found on [LMD VCL What’s new…

ANN: LMD 2021 betas coming soon...

To all LMD VCL Complete 2020 users with subscriptions expiring after 01.01.2021: We’ll provide you soon a beta license for the new 2021 installers. We are very interested on feedback regarding this release, because it is a major update with important changes. Stay tuned for more infos in the next days…

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