[Update] NG 2018 Beta installers available (including new Cloud Controls)

Updated NG 2018 Beta installers (binaries only) are available for registered 2017 users of LMD-Tools, LMD VCL Complete, LMD IDE-Tools, ElPack and NG Controls Pack. Please check your personal download section.

In this updated release new mobile FMX demos (see the beta product page for iOS demo screenshots) were added, which demonstrate access to several Google Services (e.g. demonstrate how to create a Task app which uses Google Tasks as backend or how to access and…

Merry christmas and a happy new year 2018!

Best wishes from all at the LMD Innovative team!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and partnership during 2017 and look forward to working with you in the future.

All orders and support issues during holidays will be handled as usual. In the first two weeks of 2018 there might be delays in support requests, because most members of support team will be in holidays.

About Tokyo 10.2.2 support... (Build 2004 required!)

The latest NG and LMD VCL binary release were compiled against 10.2.2 Tokyo release.

However please note:

Please make sure that you use (or update to) Build 2004 (which was released by EMBT today). Only this release is binary compatible with 10.2 and 10.2.1. The release 10.2.2 with build number 1978 is incompatible.

Alternatively simply compile packages using the Source code installer.

New LMD 2017.8 installers available

LMD 2017.8 installers are available now in public (Trials) and new LMD 2017 download areas (full versions).

Review changes of this release on history page. This is a minor release and required only, when you need certain fixes.

General changes of the LMD 2017 platform release can be found on What’s new page.

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